School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

The 2005 Education Act introduced the school profile, a short focused document produced by school governors, for parents, that replaces the annual governors' report. The Act also removed the need for governors' annual meeting with parents.

All maintained schools, except nursery schools, will now produce a profile annually to communicate with its parents about the school's progress, priorities and performance. It is a short document which will contain:

  • statistics, to be provided and updated by the DfES on an annual basis
  • a summary of the latest Ofsted report, to be provided by DfES and updated at least every three years
  • narrative sections to be written by the school, updated at least annually.

The School Profile provides important information about your child's school, it replaces the previous reporting mechanism, the Governors' Annual Report.

Through the School Profile, your child's school will provide a report about its priorities and provide data on progress and performance, all updated on an annual basis.

The profile is intended to be a new and more effective way of conveying key information to all parents. Extensive consultation with local authorities, schools, parents and pupils suggested that many regarded the traditional reporting mechanism as overly time-consuming for the schools to produce and of little value to their audience, parents. The profile will give parents the information they need to understand their school's performance, strengths and areas for improvement. (source:

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Alternative versions of our profile can be requested by contacting Malbank School & Sixth Form College, these include paper copies and copies in additional languages.