School Bus Route Information

School Bus Route Information

 School Bus Route Information

** 27/10/2016 **

Route 44 school bus service

Mikro Coaches have informed us that there is to be a slight change to the route 44 bus service they currently provide.  From Monday, 7th November 2016, the morning route 44 service is to be renamed to Route 39 and will be as follows:-

 Crewe Bus Station  07:25
 Shavington, Dodds Bank 07:37
 Shavington, Sugar Loaf 07:40
 Shavington, The Elephant 07:44
 Hough, Cobbs Lane Village Hall 07:49
 Shavington, Stocks Lane 07:52
 Wybunbury, Bridge Street, Red Lion 07:56
 Walgherton, London Road, Boar's Head 07:58
 London Road, First Dig Lane 08:03
 London Road, Stapeley Gardens 08:06
 Nantwich Bus Station 08:16
 Malbank School


In the afternoon, the Route 44 bus service is to be combined with the Route 84 bus service and will leave from bay 3 on the left hand side of the school's car park. The route is to be as follows:-

 Malbank School and Sixth Form College  15:06
 Park Road, Willaston, Opposite Bailey Road  15:20
 Park Road, Willaston - Next to railway crossing 15:23
 Rope Lane, Spar Shop 15:30
 Vine Tree Avenue, Northfield Place 15:35
 Crewe Road, Sugar Loaf 15:38
 Newcastle Road, The Elephant and Castle 15:43

Please note all of the above bus times are approximate.

Students who currently get off at Coppice Lane - Stores Corner should now use the Mikro Route 2 bus and students who need to get off the bus at London Road, Cheerbrook Farm or Wistaston Green Road, Beech Drive should now use the Mikro Route 1 bus.

Bus tickets can be purchased as they get on the bus.  If you have any queries regarding any of the above please feel free to contact me on 01270 611009 or via e-mail - .  I am in school during the half term holiday week.  Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

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 Route Code
Route Description
Mill Lane, London Road, Crewe Road, Hunterston Road, Lodge Lane, Crewe Road, Wybunbury Road, Bridge Street, Main Road, Annions Lane, London Road, Second Dig Lane, Broad Lane, Audlem Road, Brine Leas High School, Wellington Road, Water Lode, Welsh Row, Malbank School & 6th Form College 
Wrexham Road (A534), Ridley Bank, Faddiley, Brindley, Burland, Acton - Malbank School.
 TT-S71002Reaseheath, Wardle, Alpraham, Cholmondeston, Venetian Marina, Barbridge,  Hurleston to Malbank School & 6th Form College, St Anne's Catholic Primary School
 Route 1
 Warmingham Road,Parkers Road, Minshull New Road, Sunnybank, Coppenhall Lane, Water Lode
 Route 2
 Bradfield Road, North street, Remer street, Sydney Road, Hungerford Road, Earle Street, Market Street, Nantwich Road, Crewe Road, Water Lode
 Route 44
 Wistaston Green Road, Rope Lane, Vine Tree Avenue, Crewe Road, Newcastle Road, London Road, Water Lode
 R84Park Road Willaston, Coppice Lane
 DG871Wrenbury New Road, Pinsley Green Road, Marbury, Gautons Bank, Wrenbury, Baddiley Lane, Swanley Lane, Monks Lane, Chester Road
 DG71Wrenbury, Aston Crossroads, Sound Common, Ravensmoor, Swanley, Acton