Welcome to Science

In Malbank's science department we will develop competent and skilled scientists giving students opportunities to question, test, conclude and evaluate, with accuracy and reliability, so that they can develop enquiring minds and apply knowledge and skills learned to solve real world problems. 

Science is the study of the underlying processes that govern how everything works. From the fundamental particles that everything is made of, to the rules that govern how chemicals interact and form molecules, and the incredibly complex structures that these molecules create in living organisms. There is no aspect of the physical world around us or your day to day life that has not been influenced or understood by a scientific discovery.

As a science department we aim to instil the same feeling of wonder in our pupils that we all still get when we learn something new about this vast subject. We want to inspire the scientists of the next generation, and who knows what discoveries that they will go on to make.

Science teaches us the answers to many questions we often wonder about including:

         Why do we have fingerprints?

         Why do we have seasons?

         Why we couldn't live without insects?

         Why are plants green?

         What wiped out the dinosaurs?

         What makes up particles?

         Why do camels have humps?

         Why do onions make us cry when we cut them?

         Why is blood red?

         Why we have an appendix when we don't actually use it?

         Why Pluto is no longer classed as a planet?

         How can big ships float?

Year 7 Science Club