Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

The aims of the Science Department at Key Stage 3 are:

  • To encourage the asking of questions and to come up with ways of finding answers to those questions
  • To build students' abilities to interpret information and to form their own informed opinions
  • To teach the knowledge, skills and processes required to enable each student to progress in their scientific understanding as they move onto KS4 and beyond

The curriculum will cover areas from all three sciences, with topics that include:

Year 7Year 8 
Scientific Enquiry Plants and Photosynthesis 
Cells and our body The effects of diet and lifestyle choices on the body 
Reproduction Elements and the Periodic Table 
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Reactions of Metals and Metal compounds 
The Particle Model Energy and Forces 
Light Electricy and Magnetism 
The Earth and the Solar System  

The study of Science will allow students to develop their:

  •  awareness of the relationships between science and the world around us
  •  practical skills and the ability to work in groups with others
  •  critical thinking skills based on an understanding of the need for evidence to make decisions and draw their own conclusions

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Assessment will be carried out through regular topic tests and end of year exams throughout the Key Stage. Students will receive regular feedback including guidance on areas for development.

Students will also be assessed through online homework that will provide instant feedback with a mark, and information on areas of strength and those that need developing further.

If you have any queries, please contact Mr M Snape, Acting Head of Science -