Key Stage 4

You will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics under the guidance of subject specialists; all courses include an externally examined and an internally assessed element. The percentage weightings of these differ with the differing qualifications and each student will receive individual guidance on the route that is best for their individual needs. Science is a practical subject and this is reflected in the teaching of the course.

  • Pathway 1 - students follow units 1 to 3 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and take GCSE exams in the separate sciences
  • Pathway 2 - students follow units 1 and 2 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and take the core and additional Science GCSEs
  • Pathway 3 - students undertake a GCSE in Core Science, followed by a BTEC qualification in Applications of Science 

Students are taught in ability groups (sets) in Science and we assess all sets on a regular basis, providing feedback to help you move forward and achieve your full potential.


We have various text book resources for use in school and will recommend revision materials to support your learning outisde school. These have been written especially for the AQA Science courses.

If you have any queries, please contact Mr W. Atkins, Head of Science - william.atkins@malbank.cheshire.sch.uk