SMSC in English at Malbank

The English Department are proud to offer a range of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences through English lessons and extra-curricular activities. Visits to the theatre, London, and Manchester Magistrates Courts extend spiritual, moral, social and cultural appreciation and understanding of society. Students express their creativity and understanding of other cultures through their study of literature and non-fiction texts. Competitions and clubs are offered to allow students to develop and showcase their skills, knowledge and experiences through SMSC in English.

Spiritual development within English

  • English Yr9 - Private Peaceful - Through the study of Michael Morpurgo's text students will learn key aspects of WW1, and discuss how the society of today can learn from the horrors of the past.
  • English Y9 - Conflict Poetry - Students study significant poems such as John Aagard's "Half-caste" and produce work that facilitates their understanding of the society that they inhabit today, thus increasing their sense of identity.
  • English Yr11 - study of poems titled ‘Clashes and Collisions' - Students study poems which consider the theme of personal, worldwide and community based conflicts and are asked to consider their own understanding of the issues raised.
  • English Yr7 - - Students study key texts which focus on the topic of Autobiography, such as extracts from Ellen McArthur that increase their sense of identity, thus helping them become better citizens, especially with regards to how they view minority groups.


 Moral development within English

  • English Yr9 - Of Mice and Men - Prejudice and social class in literature; discrimination
  • English Yr8 - Stone Cold - social class division and prejudice
  • English Yrs 8, 9 and 11 Shakespeare units - Romeo and Juliet; and Macbeth - exploring choices made - moral values
  • English Yrs 9 and 11 - Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm - prejudice and social values
  • English Yrs 8 and 9 - Spoken Language - Speaking and Listening discussions and debates on topical issues and the different make-up of multicultural Britain.
  • English Yr11 - Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Richard III  - social values and moral decisions in historical context and compared with contemporary society


Social development within English

  • English Yrs 7 - 13 - Speaking and Listening - group discussions and presentations; drama role play and hot seating - team learning
  • English Yrs 8, 9 and 11 - Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet - theme of irreconcilable differences - social values
  • English Yr11 - Lord of the Flies - social values; theme of power within society
  • English Yrs 8 and 10 - Spoken Language - the study of language and how we communicate - socially acceptable conventions
  • English Yr10 - Spoken Language - the study of language and how we communicate - socially acceptable conventions


Cultural development within English

  • English Yrs 9 and 11 - Conflict and Literary Heritage Poetry - understanding different cultures and experiences
  • English Yr 9, Of Mice and Men - understanding American contemporary culture and context
  • English Yrs 7 - 13 - Through the study of a plethora of texts students will gain a deeper understanding of the historical, social and cultural context of each novel including imperialism and race
  • English Yr11 - study of contemporary drama texts such as The Crucible, An Inspector Calls and Blood Brothers - historical, social and cultural context of the play.


In our informal provision, we contribute via:

  • Parental Engagement Evenings for Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11 students
  • Enrichment days - team building days, self-confidence workshops
  • Links with Red Shift Radio in Crewe - students from Years 7- 13 jointly hosting the weekly show.
  • Book and Film club - students focus on a range of non-core novels from across the genres and discuss the film interpretations of these texts in film form.
  • The Reporter's Club - students act as the press core for all school events and activities such as Sports Day, Green Day and Enrichment days.
  • Mock Trial Competition -students across Years 9 -11.
  • Student Leaders - Literacy, Free for All and readers in local primary schools.