Opening Minds

Opening Minds


WANTED for the 21st century workforce:

         resilient, independent learners

         flexible skills and competencies, work well in teams and can

         ability to perform up to and beyond their potential.

Year 7 Scheme of Work:

Discovery Learning (Opening Minds)

An enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced team offers high impact, maximum enjoyment learning opportunities for Year 7 pupils. With a different focus each term pupils are encouraged to discover their best learning style and strengthen their weakest. Through L2L (Learning to Learn) pupils will look at barriers to learning and how to reach their potential in school. They learn about the importance of good learning environments, nutrition and exercise, effective revision techniques and

During the Dragons' Den scheme small groups will design, create, cost and market an eco-friendly product which they will present to local business representatives.

‘Breaking News' will enable pupils to write and present real, current news. They will experience the busyness and buzz of a newsroom whilst learning about the world around them. They will film and edit the presentation of news and create visuals to aid their presentations.

A Local History project will give pupils the opportunity to learn about the long and fascinating history of Nantwich. First-hand research will enable pupils to see what Nantwich was like in Roman, Elizabethan and Victorian times. Pupils will understand the role of Nantwich during the English Civil War and the origins of Malbank School.

The final scheme is about ‘Our Ideal Society' and brings together the learning from the previous work. It will give pupils the opportunity to design their ideal community. One that is free from litter, has a perfect school, enviable community facilities, helpful technology and no prejudice or discrimination. Pupils will learn about democracy, valuing the family and valuing nature.

The scheme aims to equip pupils with the skills to succeed in education and in society as a whole.

Year 8 Scheme of work:

Pupils will complete three projects throughout the year, one each term. For example: Term 1: ECODEN


Pupils will be asked to work through a series of lessons preparing them to make a business plan, including designs and finance for a new eco-friendly product or service. Pupils will work in groups to compile their business plan and pitch. The most impressive group from each class will meet a panel of business experts; the notoriously fierce ‘dragons' in the ECODEN!


The ECODEN will be an event held at the end of the term and will involve the winning group from each class pitching their idea to business experts from the community.