If you enjoy:

  • understanding why people behave the way they do
  • developing your ability to think scientifically
  • learning about the treatments and therapies used to help people
  • finding out what psychologists do

Then the GCSE Psychology course is the subject for you.

What do I need to know, or be able to do, before taking this course?

This will be a new subject for you so you will not have to have any prior knowledge of Psychology. Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour and, through your own experiences and scientific research, you will gain an understanding of why individuals and groups behave the way they do. A word of advice, Psychology is a science and a good level in Science by the end of Year 9 is strongly recommended.

What will I learn?

During Year 10 you will be looking at answers to the following five topics;

Topic 1: Development - How did you develop?
Topic 2: Memory - How does your memory work?
Topic 3: Psychological problems - How would psychological problems affect you?
Topic 4: The brain and neuropsychology - How does your brain affect you?
Topic 5: Social influence - How do others affect you?

During Year 11 you will study the following topics;

Topic 6: Criminal psychology - Why do people become criminals?
Topic 9: Sleep and dreaming - Why do you need to sleep and dream?
Topic 11: Research methods - How do you carry out psychological research?

How will I be assessed?

There are two exams, Paper 1 which is a 1 hour 45 exam on topics 1-5 and Paper 2, a 1 hour 20 exam assessing Topics 6, 7 and 11. Both will be sat in the summer of the second year and will include:-

  • a few multiple-choice questions,
  • some short-answer questions and
  • some extended writing (essays)

There is no coursework.