Sociology an established subject at A Level. Teaching staff are enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. We have had a 100% pass rate at A Level for over 10 years. The course is particularly interesting for students who are interested in how social class, gender, ethnicity disability and age impact on life chances.

How is the course structured?

A Level

Paper 1

2 hours 30 minutes exam including Socialisation and Culture, Families and Households and Education.

Paper 2

1 hour and 45 minutes exam on sociological enquiry

Paper 3

2 hours 30 minutes exam on Social Differentiation and Stratification and a section on the theme Crime and Deviance.

What are the entry requirements?

It is recommended that students have at least 5 GCSE's. It is helpful if English, History, Geography, Media Studies or RE have been studies successfully. An interest in current affairs is advised.

What other subjects link well?

The subject goes well with Health and Social Care, English, Media Studies, Psychology, Re, Politics, History and Geography.

What career paths would this lead to?

Teaching, journalism, social work, health sector, police , business and retail sector work and public sector jobs to name but a few.

What specific skills will I learn?

  • How to write extended essays.
  • How to analyse data.
  • Understanding of the world from different perspectives
  • Opportunity to develop your discussion skills.
  • Present a presentation to the rest of the class.