Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015 

Malbank staff and students experience the eclipse.

There was a lovely atmosphere on the yard and in the garden area as Malbank staff and students came together to witness today's eclipse. Many pupils had made their own pinhole cameras from paper and card; some had special lenses that protected the eyes and gave a stunning view of the sun; others had special glasses from previous school visits to Jodrell Bank Observatory.

As the moon slowly covered the sun and the temperature dropped, staff used light meters to show students the change in light during the period of total coverage.

There was a genuine buzz of excitement as students returned to classrooms. In History, students penned a record of their experience for posterity, just as scholars did in ancient and medieval times.

Headteacher Mrs Walker commented, ‘It was wonderful to see so many students and staff out together sharing this unique event. '


The photo below was taken by Max Eddleston in Year 13:

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