Tuscany Trip 2015

Tuscany Trip 2015

 Tuscany Trip Report

The Tuscany Trip - A 6 day long foray into the culture and landscape of central Italy - was intended to provide the backdrop for the sketches, photographs and paintings featured in both the GCSE and A level student's coursework unit 1. We chose to go on the trip after loving the Venice art trip two years earlier, and wanting to study a landscape rich in both natural and architectal detail to provide inspiration for our work.

We took part in art and culture based activities as well as sightseeing - two days consisting of sketching and painting from the landscape on site, two days exploring the main cities of Florence and Sienna and the final day compromising of a workshop in which we completed paintings based on our weeks' worth of work.

Florence is packed with some of the world's most recognizable Renaissance-era art and architecture, including Michelangelo's "David" and the Duomo basilica of Florence. The city is great for shopping and people watching, and we finished the day with dinner in a traditional trattoria restaurant in central Florence. Sienna was just as beautiful - Siena's grand cathedral, built in the 1200s, has treasured artworks and intricate marble floors. The Piazza del Campo, the main town square is also home to the Palio, perhaps the most infamous horserace in the world.

We took part in pasta making at home at the villa - Mario, our tour guide, taught us how to make tagliatelle and ravioli with spinach and ricotta. We ate traditional Italian food for most of the week - continental breakfast with buffet lunches and pasta and pizza dishes for dinner.

We had a great week overall and would definitely do it again!

Ella and Jenny Y12


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