Business Studies

In Malbank’s Business Studies Department we will develop the knowledge, understanding and key skills that provide an aptitude in planning an enterprise activity.  Giving student’s opportunities to conduct market research, organise and plan resources, carry out financial transactions, communicate in a variety of ways and solve work related problems.  So that they can demonstrate the attitudes and ways of working that are considered the most important for entrepreneurs, including monitoring and reflecting on the performance of an enterprise idea and their own use of enterprise skills.

A Business student at Malbank will:

Head: Understand the characteristics of successful enterprises and recognise the risks and opportunities of the internal and external business environment.  This will lead to students being able to pitch a realistic business idea using a recognised business model.

Heart: Understand the ethical features of the external business environment including social responsibility.  Demonstrate the LORIC skills that correlate to skills of successful entrepreneurs. 

Hand: Develop accounting skills that enable them to calculate, interpret and analyse financial information.  Be able to think creatively to develop a unique selling point for an initial business idea.  Listen to the ideas of team members and be reflective to act on feedback that is received.