We want our English curriculum at Malbank to be without limits. We strive to give young people the opportunities, experiences, knowledge and analytical tools to speak, write and read confidently, appropriately, and on their own terms in whatever context they find themselves in. We want them to see the value of language and literature both inside the classroom to allow them to cultivate a curiosity of the world around them and instil a passion for the power of the written word.

Our curriculum is designed to allow all students regardless of background and prior attainment to see the joy in the written word and begin to develop the skills needed to succeed at GCSE and beyond. 

The English department is comprised of a team of dynamic teachers with a wealth of expertise who are enthusiastic, dedicated and caring in their approach. They are focused on supporting the achievement of all our students.

  • Miss L Jennings - Curriculum Leader for English
  • Mr C Robinson - Assistant Curriculum Leader for English
  • Miss V Nadin – Reading Lead
  • Mrs J Harding - English and Head of Media Studies
  • Mr J Harrison - English and Headteacher
  • Mrs J Machin – English and Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr C Batty - English and Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs A Bargery - English and Media Teacher
  • Mr T Chapman - English Teacher and Progress Manager – Boys aspiration
  • Mrs R Coney - English Teacher
  • Mrs S Green - English Teacher
  • Miss N Elkin- English Teacher
  • Miss E Sale- English Teacher
  • Mr B Dunn – English Specialist Learning Support