Ethos, Aims and Values

As Headteacher of Malbank School and Sixth Form College I am delighted to welcome all families considering joining our vibrant school community.

Our aim in this prospectus is to give you all the essential information you will need to make an informed decision. As a parent of three children, I know only too well how difficult and emotional it can be when making the decision about whom to entrust your child’s education to. I truly believe that feeling confident in a school’s ability to fulfil your hopes and dreams can only be achieved through visits and discussions with staff and students, so I hope that this prospectus is just one step of many towards helping you to decide that Malbank is the right choice for your child. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school as our team will be only too happy to help. At Malbank, we put great emphasis on the importance of teamwork and nowhere is that more important than when parents and staff work together — an essential part of our philosophy and one I want us to establish together from day one.

Malbank is a forward-thinking, innovative school that employs a dynamic approach to teaching and learning, so we actively prepare our young people for the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century workplace. However, behind that modern attitude sits an appreciation of history and a deep understanding of the 450 years of tradition that has helped to build the culture and ethos that have made the school consistently successful and a cornerstone of our local community.

Everyone in society has a unique skill set, an undoubted part to play and key contribution to make. I see it as our responsibility to help unlock that potential, fostering the talents, interests and aspirations pupils have to help them grow into confident and passionate members of our community, leaving Malbank as responsible citizens who are ready to make a mark on the world. As such, Malbank celebrates the achievements of all our young people, be it creatively, academically or on the sports field.








Mr John D. Harrison- Headteacher

Academic success is very important and will always be at the core of the aspirations we have for our young people. However, education has to be more than the receipt of a set of grades at the end of your time at a school and as such, Malbank prides itself upon a genuine commitment to educate the whole child, providing young people with the skills, values, knowledge and resilience to lead successful and happy lives. As a parent, when choosing Malbank you can rest assured that our students are at the heart of everything we do and at the centre of every decision we make.