House Matters

Welcome to House Matters, your weekly update of all things House related at Malbank.  Each week we’ll bring you up to date with all the news, views and competition updates.  You’ll always see the latest in our reading, attendance and lesson monitor races and don’t forget you’ll be able to see if you’ve been awarded a house star.  Remember that the point of our stars is that we don’t know why we got them, just that we have done something that week that somebody in our school community noticed and nominated you for.  Don’t go chasing rewards, juts be yourself, be good and the rewards (stars) will come to you.  Everything adds up towards the House Championship total as the House battle it out to see who will be the winners this year.  I really hope you enjoy reading House Matters and as we always say, nice feedback and good ideas on how to get even better are always welcome.

Mr Shepherd

2022 - 2023 Academic Year