In Malbank’s PE department a fun, high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel individual’s abilities in competitive sports and other physically-demanding activities. We will provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Pupils will have opportunities to compete in sport, leadership and other activities that build character and help to embed values such as fairness, respect, teamwork, resilience and all LORIC skills. PE at Malbank is an imperative element of the curriculum, which develops a need for healthy lifestyles, a balanced diet, positive growth mind-set and the resilience to persevere with activities that they may have once have felt too difficult. We are passionate about the need to teach children how to cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team, understanding fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values. Our aim is to develop lifelong positive attitudes towards physical activity, exercise and sports to keep the next generation fit and healthy.

The Physical Education department is comprised of a team of enthusiastic teachers with a wealth of expertise. We are pupil centred in all that we do and strive to help every pupil reach their potential.

  • Mr A Killalee- Curriculum Leader for PE
  • Mr K Shore - Assistant Curriculum Leader for PE
  • Miss J Aspinall – Head of Key Stage 3 and Teacher of PE
  • Mrs J Lunt- SEN Coordinator and Teacher of PE
  • Mrs L Ratcliff- Progress Manger Year 11 and Teacher of PE
  • Mrs S Treasure – Teacher of PE
  • Mr C Yew  - Head of Key Stage 4 and Teacher of PE

Key Stage 5 BTEC & A Level