In Malbank’s science department we will develop competent and skilled scientists giving students opportunities to question, test, conclude and evaluate, with accuracy and reliability, so that they can develop enquiring minds and apply knowledge and skills learned to solve real world problems.

The Science Department is striving to offer an excellent science education to all students. Our subject specialist staff aim to provide a knowledge-rich curriculum which generates a curiosity of the world and its place in the universe. 

Here at Malbank we offer two possible routes to study science at GCSE:

Route 1:

This is the AQA Trilogy Dual Award course which is a combined science course which results in two GCSE grades at the end of year 11.

Please click on the link below to see the AQA specification for this route

Route 2:

This is the AQA Triple Award course which is the three separate science courses resulting in a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the end of Y11.

Please click on the links below to see the AQA specifications for each one




The Science department is comprised of a team of dynamic teachers and technicians with a wealth of expertise who are enthusiastic, dedicated and focused on supporting the achievement of all our students.

Miss H Jones (HYJ) - Curriculum Leader for Science and teacher of Chemistry/Biology

Mrs S Parker - Head of Biology

Mr M Snape (MJS) - Head of Chemistry

Mr G Stubbs (GZS)- Teacher of Physics

Mrs J Edwards (JME) - Teacher of Biology

Mrs S King (SEK)- Teacher of Biology

Miss K Powell (KDP)- Teacher of Biology

Mrs J Selby (JSS) - Teacher of Biology

Mrs S Mayall  (SLM) - Teacher of Chemistry

Mrs S Ludlow - Teacher of Biology

Miss A Dean - Teacher of Chemistry

Mr J Hawkins - Teacher of Biology

Mrs D Fisher- Chemistry technician

Mrs P Garnett- Biology technician

Mrs C Bourne- Physics technician