Senior Leadership Team

John Harrison


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John Harrison was born in Liverpool, moving throughout his early years to various northern beauty spots such as Runcorn and Widnes before arriving and laying down roots in Crewe. Having attended St Thomas More Catholic High School, John went on to attend Malbank to complete his A Levels, unknowingly starting a relationship with the school that would see him return some years down the line to ultimately lead the school in 2020. John completed his degree in English and History in Sheffield, his PGCE at Keele and then taught in Rotherham prior to leaving teaching for a year to travel the world. (Click photo for more details)

Upon returning to the UK, John applied for an English teaching role at Malbank, keen to contribute to the school that he felt shaped and inspired him to become a teacher. Becoming Head of English and then latterly an Assistant Head in charge of the Sixth form and then Teaching and learning, John became Headteacher in 2020. A firm believer in excellence for all and maximising student potential, John subscribes to a belief in the power of positivity and the need for consistency and resilience in order to achieve.

Married to an NHS Nurse and a busy father of 3 children aged 1,8 and 12, when John has a spare 5 seconds, he enjoys the being in the outdoors, watching the resurgence (until recently) of his beloved Liverpool FC, reading, travel, heavy metal and indulging in his life long love of video games.