The Nantwich And Acton Grammar School Foundation (NAGS)

The Nantwich and Acton Grammar School Foundation is a charitable trust, the primary object of which is to promote the education of students at Malbank School (formerly Nantwich and Acton Grammar School).

What do we do?

In accordance with the provisions of the Scheme empowered by the Charity Commissioners, in 1995, the Trust may also apply income from the charity to "promoting the education (including social and physical training) of persons under 25 years of age, who are pupils or former pupils of the said school, or any other school serving the area of benefit (namely the catchment area of the former Nantwich and Acton Grammar School)."

The Trustees will meet, in May and November of each year, to consider applications for financial assistance from those who are eligible to apply according to the above provisions.

How to apply

It is important to once again point out that applications cannot be considered from those who are above the age of 25 years at the time of applying. Furthermore, the benefits are restricted to those who, by virtue of birth and/or residence, would have lived within the catchment area of the former Grammar School.

Those who wish to apply can download and print the forms on this site.

Note: All Sections MUST be completed and returned

 or request application by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

The Clerk to the Trustees
Nantwich and Acton Grammar School Foundation
Malbank School and Sixth Form College
Welsh Row

Please post all completed applications to the above address.
The closing date for consideration in May = 30 April
The closing date for consideration in November = 31 October

Notes for applicants:

  • Ensure that you meet the eligibility as defined by the Charity Commission (see application form for details)
  • Complete all sections, provide costs associated with your project and make clear how you and others will benefit
  • Education / employment supervisor's support is required together with a signed testimonial from an adult who knows you and the project
  • Applicants under the age of 18 require the signature of a parent / guardian
  • In accepting any award, you are committed to meeting the stated obligations

Some examples of past funding...

An ex pupil of Malbank School and Sixth Form College from 1998-2000 was granted a contribution towards an expedition to Guyana, with the charity Trekforce.   


The expedition was in two phases; the first eight weeks were spent in the Amazon rainforest, in an area of national park, building a ranger station. This provided a base for forest rangers in that area. It was hoped that once rangers were installed, the area would be opened up to eco-tourism, which has the potential to boost Guyana's fragile economy.

The remaining eight weeks were spent teaching English in a rural primary school, and living with a local family which were part of remote community only accessible by light aircraft. While the official language of Guyana is English, in villages such as these, indigenous dialects predominate, so the presence of a native English speaker was a great benefit to the children's education.

A seven year old pupil at Highfields Community Primary School was awarded a contribution towards a laptop computer.

The pupil was diagnosed as being severely Dyslexic following a Psychological Assessment carried by the Dyslexia Institute. It was recommended for additional private tuition at the Institute in Stone; this included strategies to overcome his dyslexia. Electronic aids such as a laptop to aid his education were considered vitally important for his learning and self-esteem.

An ex pupil from Malbank School and Sixth Form, had recently obtained a First in a Drama degree from University and was granted a contribution towards a pilot episode for her video comedy project 'The Professionals'.

The production planned to promote the historic beauty of Nantwich, featuring the market, the church and the square. Much of the material used also described Nantwich life in a dramatized form.

Her vision was to make a half hour pilot episode of her proposed sketch series in order to showcase the characters, genre of comedy, insight and writing skills that she had developed in preparation for both industry and independent production company interest.

The grant allowed her to hire equipment and costume, props and studio space to edit the work, and even purchase a video camera allowing her to film her work at the convenience of the actors. This added longevity to her filming and writing career, and displayed a certain holistic view of her work, which provided a platform to a career in the industry and a national exhibition of her work.

An ex student wanted help to finance a gap year to be spent abroad with Project Trust, an educational charitable trust that allows school leavers to work voluntarily overseas for twelve months.

Whilst advancing her own education and social development, she spent a year in China teaching conversational English to classes of up to sixty students.

The Nantwich and Acton Grammar School Foundation gave a donation towards the amount she needed to raise for funding, enabling her to gain an educational experience through living and working with people in communities very different to the one she had grown up in.


  • Doctors in their final year going out to Pacific area, Africa and 3rd World generally
  • Classical musician sent on conducting course
  • Cheerleader to American convention
  • Lawyer to Hague Tribunal trials as experience
  • Badminton, cricket, kart racer, tennis player, (you name it), coached
  • International exchanges for all applicable ages

The above examples are just a snapshot of the many varied applications and grants processed by the Nantwich and Acton Grammar school foundation over recent years and do not intend to represent the complete list.